5 Kick-ass apps which have been co-developed by the Enchilab Team

  1. Amandla

Amandla is a retail directory for the conscious consumer, where users can filter what kind of product or service they are after, and filter the desired characteristics they would like to support (women-owned, fair trade, organic etc). It then directs users to businesses that are aligned with these beliefs. 

Essentially seen as the TripAdvisor for the conscious consumer, Amandla aims to encourage businesses to do their bit in making the world a better, and more equitable place.

  1. Helios 

Want to step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in new cultural experiences? Helios is the app for you! Pick a date, choose a budget, and vamos! A ticket to a surprise event will be sent your way.

It is THE ultimate flex when showing one’s spontaneity and open-mindedness. Mention it for a date, and you’ll be a-for-away!

  1. Matchmapp

Not a fan of planning to watch your favorite sports game at a pub with some friends, only to spend most of the game trying to find a pub showing the game which actually has space? Me neither. But fear not dear friends, MatchMapp is here for you! Choose a sports event and your group size, and the app shows you all venues showing the game. From there, you can message the owners or other spectators, and determine whether there is space to host you and your friends.

Be THAT person which pulls through for the team!

  1. HandyLadies

You’re a woman who always gets a little nervous when it comes to requiring the services of a handy person (which is most often a man) in your home? HandyLadies was built just for you. Choose an issue which needs fixing, and HandyLadies presents a comprehensive list of available female professionals in your area who may be able to help, along with their hourly rate.

You can then reach out to them directly to discuss any details and come to an agreement, via the on-app messaging service.

  1. Upfluential

The majority of us are good people who would like to give back in some form or another, but we all have limited time and different schedules which sometimes makes that simple act of giving back a little complicated. Upfluential was developed with this in mind. Punch in your available time and skillset, and choose from a variety of organisations in your location to volunteer at. It’s as simple as that. They even offer certificates to add to your social media platforms after completing a certain amount of volunteering time.

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